Win 2 tickets to the Blackpool Dance Festival with VIP treatment and goodie bag courtesy of Swarovski and Chrisanne Clover
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Win 2 tickets to the Blackpool Dance Festival with VIP treatment and goodie bag courtesy of Swarovski and Chrisanne Clover

Posted on torsdag, 11 maj 2017, 10:30 by admin
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The saying goes that two heads are better than one, and the proof is clear to see for two of the dance sport’s most iconic brands CHRISANNE CLOVER and SWAROVSKI. Combining their extensive knowledge, heritage and passion, together they have transformed the dance sport industry.

Chrisanne Clover and Swarovski have enjoyed a successful 25-year partnership founded on a joint vision of creating spectacular high quality handmade pieces, guaranteed to be remembered for their beauty and sparkle. Both brands have innovation at their core, finding new ways to use the precision-cut crystals at their best, and collaborating on exclusives and exotic colour combinations.  Using the highest quality fabrics and trimmings, the couture pieces have to perform as well as delight both dancer and audience.

CHRISANNE CLOVER + SWAROVSKI: perfect mix of craftsmanship, creativity and inspiration in the world of dance! Ronnie Li, owner of CHRISANNE CLOVER.

Always looking to innovate and inspire, each year a show-stopping dress is created to showcase the best of both brands and the possibilities they offer together. Created especially for the Blackpool Dance Festival – the biggest event in the dance calendar – these dresses are pieces of art designed to break boundaries and unleash creativity.

This year was no different and to celebrate the ever-growing bond between these two influential brands, a new "Blackpool dress" was unveiled.

The design inspiration began with the launch of the NEW Crystal Shimmer stone, which I combined with principal elements of art Nouveau inspired gowns and decorative border patterns. The essence of the dress is to capture the Nouveau spirit of shimmering light and the refracted colours through that light, which SWAROVSKI have perfectly combined in their range of shimmer stones. Fabric has been specially sourced by Jodie Rayward and Laura Jackson to enhance this fluid and almost liquid quality of light on fabric when in movement. The dress combines rich and luxurious fabrics such as smooth black velvet and black satin with softer more delicate fabrics from our range as luxury georgette, chiffon and tulle.

If innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way, then the future is sparkling.

Win 2 tickets to the Blackpool Dance Festival with VIP treatment and goodie bag courtesy of Swarovski and Chrystal Clover - by guessing how many Swarovski crystals are on Chrisanne Clover's show piece dress for Blackpool!

The raffle starts today on Chrisanne Clover’s Instagram from 3pm. It will run for a week before Chrisanne Clover announces the lucky winner.

All you have to do is visit Chrisanne Clover’s Instagram post and like the picture of the dress and comment on how many crystals you think you were used to complete this incredible couture piece!

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