Peter Suba walks over hot burning coal for charity
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Peter Suba walks over hot burning coal for charity

Posted on lørdag, 06 okt 2012, 19:08 by admin
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Dear dance lovers,

Approximately over the last 16-18 years I have dedicated a lot of time, effort, money into trying to capture the best dancing moment that inspires the viewer. As a dancer, my goal was to produce emotions through my dancing for people who watched me, and I am sure most of the dancers have that desire. When I stopped dancing myself, I focused on helping other dancers reach more people through my photos. I still try to seek out and capture the best moment of an individual dancer so they can have a memory for themselves and share with others to inspire through the extension of their dancing: its frozen moment as captured in that image.

Unfortunately I can not reach everyone. And if you are a dancer, you can not reach everyone. There are many people with sight problems - the most unfortunate are totally blind. They can never see that moment when your movement best enhances the music, when the light catches that stone to sparkle and your presence on the floor is magnified to many times your physical dimensions through your personality and presentation. Yet dancing is inspiration!

So how can you and I inspire those with sight problems? I know what I will do: I will walk over hot burning coal at a charity fundraiser for Sight Support Derbyshire. They provide various services to support people with sight problems. Amongst others, they organise sports and leisure activities - including line dancing. You can support the cause by donating any amount you decide: just go to my fundraising page at and click "Donate". And if you donate more than 10 pounds, please contact me and I will give you any of my photos that you choose as a Private JPEG license free of charge. That way, I inspire you and you inspire those with sight problems through dancing.

So don't hesitate - I will be the one walking over hot coal. You only need to go to and donate.

Thank you

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